Monday, September 26, 2016

Master Ken demonstrates the power of Ameri-Do-Te

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Konstantin Razumov

Art Appreciation

Russian artist Konstantin Razumov is known for his paintings of young females dressed in 20th century fashion. His paintings combine Realism and Impressionism and uses bright colors to bring out the expressiveness of his subjects.

You can find more of his wonderful work HERE.

Cafe in the Bagatelle Garden via myartmagazine

A Young Woman Bathing via maherartgallery

Modele aux bas noirs via kaifineart


Friday, September 23, 2016

Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run

Music Appreciation

Written by American singer songwriter Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run is ranked number 21 on the Rolling Stone list of 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The song, which is said to have been Springsteen's final attempt to become successful, is considered Bruce Springsteen's best out of the 293 songs written.

Bruce Springsteen was born on September 23, 1949 in the town of Long Branch, New Jersey. He was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999.

via BruceSpringsteenVEVO


Thursday, September 22, 2016

"That Looks Like A Bad Dude Too."

Our nation does have a race relations problem. It's more so evident with the recent killing of Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man, by Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby.

Although she was charged with felony manslaughter in the first degree on Thursday, September 22, 2016, this doesn't resolve the issue before the nation. It just temporarily cures the ailment on its surface but ignores the underlying cancerous disease.

Trevor Noah said it best on The Daily Show, "you can't tell anything about this man from up in the helicopter except for one thing, he's black." That's all we need to know--from high above he is black and "that looks like a bad dude too," right?

When Officer Shelby's attorney was asked if Crutcher's black race had anything to do with the officer's perceived danger, he responded, "No, him being a large man..." So, it wasn't him being black that made her feel in danger? It was him being large? A large man that happened to be black?

I don't know the solution to resolve the race issue. I'm not sure if there really is something viable and solid, but we as a nation need to bring it out in the open and talk about it.

Perhaps what hinders the discussion is that we have a group of people who promote hate just to antagonize a population. Probably the first step is to have our leaders stand and voice their objection to such movement.


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